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Stitching work from the Santa Fe Opera summers 2013 and 2014. Position title: Apprentice stitcher, non dressing

silk brocade robe - princess
Pattern matching detail
collar interior
applying trim
hand sew applique
hobble skirt with hidden pleats
fan pleats
invisible zipper over pleats
pleats opened
reconstructed captain jacket
pocket with flap
shoulder piece inset
attaching collar
bodice with skirt mock up
Pleat detail on skirt
Dancer robe
pattern matching detail
trim detail


pattern matched center back

The majority of this doublet needed to be hand sewn due to the nature of it's construction

Each piece needed to be hand flat lined on a curve to help reinforce the curve of the body

Each tab had to be exact with pattern detail in the center and piping sewn in and showing the exact amount around the entire tab

Doublet had to have five layers, lining, horsehair canvas, cotton, white silk and sheer outer layer so that the horsehair canvas would not change the color of the outside. Pattern matching happened while maintaining the layers

Tabs were sewn on by hand and reinforced with stitching in the ditch along the bottom edge of piping

Marionette Jacket - created for a scene where the toys came alive and sang to Oscar

Center back had to have keyhole opening that was reinforced and appeared seamless for pole


Elbow "joints" had to appear wooden but were made with lycra for ease of movement

Armhole was completed like a tailored jacket for structure and support

Each piece was hand flat lined on a rolled surface to account for the natural curve of the body

set in lining

Elbow joint interior

each piece was hand sewn neoprene to create the look and structure of the wooden puppet

seams were cross stitched and double reinforced by hand to maintain structure and stability

cheerleader jacket

dickie detail under jacket

shoulder detail

Silk Jacket made for The Grand Duchess of Gerolstein

Detail picture

seams had to be pressed and stretched on curve of ham to create a better hang and drape of the outter jacket

before and after prick stitch reinforcement to stabilize hem and adjust so outer layer could not sag (After is on the left, before is on the right)

Interfacing to stabilize and add structure to the hem

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